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Peter is a solo perfomer who specializes in 50- 80 era music

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Music is what I know, do, and love. There is always something new that can be discovered by playing live performances,  either solo or interacting with other musicians/singers, creating an interptiaition of an classic song, and experimenting with rhythm, harmony and melodies. I am committed to providing high quality product in any performance or recording production project I commit to.

Go to CD Baby and listen to My collaborative project "Another Time Around"

Live perfomances are essential

The ability to engage in a live musical performance is essential to maintain a peak level of musical aptitude. Rehearsal can take you far but live performances are the proof of how your talent and intuition adjust to the varied  real-time environments musicians are exposed to.  The ability to give a great performance in any environment is something that is learned over time.  I have performed in all venues, bars to concert halls for over 50 years.  I get it!

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Specializing in 50's 60's & 70's era Music.

Using original Background tracks recorded in my recording studios, I perform 50-70s oldies classics, 80's era greats, (i.e. Billy Joel, Elton John, Eric Clapton, etc) and classic country songs.

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Live Video

Peter performs an acoustic arrangement of  a great Meatloaf song,"Two Out of Three Ain't Bad"


Showcase Songs from My Solo Perfomance

Still The One - Wise Men Say -  Just When I Thought It Was Over - Pretty Women -  The Wonder of You -  I'll Be There -  Have I Told You Lately


let's do it again - Pete singing lead

This song is from the Another Time Around album released on - 2016 by Crystal Ball Records

Peters Produced Video Addvertizement

Video Production Summarizing the "Another Time Around" Album coproduced with Phil Spina and Jim Pace.

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I love meeting new clients and negotiating live performances.  I just as much enjoy  collaborating on joint recording and production projects. Reach out to see what I can do for you.

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Free Sample of "Another Time Around' sound track "Final Song"

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